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The Art of Ruth Linnell Berry

The Fight at the Jason Russell HouseIn early 1974, Ruth Berry won a Commission competition held by The Arlington Historical Society. It was to paint a large painting depicting the Battle at the Jason Russell House. She was chosen for her skill, experience, and her “New Englander’s” appreciation and understanding of the 19th of April 1775. The Article.

The Old Burying Ground

Early Puritan settlers had been living and working in the village of Menotomy for almost 100 years before a burying place was designated in 1724. The earliest mention of a burying ground in Menotomy can be found in the Proprietors’ Records for the town of Cambridge, when, in 1724, it was voted that “the road leading to Watertown was removed from the northerly side to the southerly side of the land reserved for a burying place.” The Article.

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