On the piazza . . .

Recent entries from Nina Winn’s 1916 diary include descriptions of her having lunch or reading “on the piazza.”  Nowadays, to American-English speakers, the word “piazza” typically conjures thoughts of the open public spaces that are characteristic of cities in Italy.  But in Nina Winn’s time, piazza was a popular term in the United States for […]

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A summer Sunday in Arlington, circa 1905

Longtime Society member Bill Mahoney, who recently donated this previously unpublished image to our collection, would often remark “If only the photographer would have directed his lens just a little bit more . . .” towards a particular direction, we’d have a vastly easier time zeroing-in on a date for many historical photographs. Such is […]

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Social Media in the Age of Newspapers

In the age of social media it is easy to believe that we get caught up in the social tidbits of the lives of others.  Perhaps that is true but it certainly did not begin with the invention of Facebook.  Long before the internet personal interest pieces were heavily circulated in local and national newspapers. […]

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Highlights of the AHS Quilt Collection – Part 6

Crazy quilts in the Victorian era in America were popular for home furnishings in the United States from the 1870’s through the early 1900’s.  The American desire for bright, bold asymmetrical designs in silk and velvet drew from English Victorian styles, and from Japanese styles and goods that were increasingly imported to England and the United States […]

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Highlights of the AHS Quilt Collection – Part 4

Elizabeth Russell Rourke donated this quilt to the Arlington Historical society 150 after her great grandfather Jason Russell was killed at his home by British troops on April 19th, 1775 in Arlington. Jason Russell’s grandson (also named Jason Russell) moved his family to Stafford, Connecticut following the American Revolution. This line of the family stayed in […]

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